Verhalen - Langtang

Moving up from Syabrubesi we had no plans where to stay at night. For many of us it was the first time. As we walked upstream of langtang river through the forests sometimes with steep stairs and falling trees a strange intoxication gripped me. Never had I imagined I would see such a place.

As we walked on the trail, we met many foreigners and Nepalese with whom we would exchange namaste and smiles. The trail was just perfect. After every steep trek uphill there is a water stream to drink and at some places small shops to rest and refresh. We thought it was challenging to walk when we met professional potters for whom it is just a mundane job. But the trek is never boring.

The view keeps changing as we start to gain altitude. The route from Lama hotel to Ghoda Tabela was just fantastic. It feels like walking in the wood as described in fairy tales. From Ghoda Tabela to Langtang it was just another terrain, another view and another beauty. The Langtang river is beside us all the way up, and leaves us only when we are about to reach Kyangjen.

Kyangjen was covered with snow. A thought occcured to me that though we live in the country of Himalayas, many nepalese haven't touched the snow. We retured to Syabrubesi via Sherpa Gaon (village). The route from Rimche to Sherpa Gaon was just awesome. It is thrilling to walk on a small trail on a slope of a steep hill.

Beauty with it brings an obstacle. The culture, traditions and the place there is perfectly preserved and have not changed from the flow of time. But life for the locals is hard. Tourists who visit there are usually foreigners so many locals on the way thought that we are some govt. officials who came there to solve their problems like water and some thought we are citizenship distributing teams. One person even asked us if we were Nepathya, a musical band group (a few years back, the group was here in search of a song ' Bhenda ko Oon Jasto .'). We say that literacy is low and schools do not have teachers. If we really want to see a new Nepal we have to develop from places like this. Many nepalese who haven't seen it should visit.

I assure u it will show u a fantastic place and broaden your views . But the locals here never forget to share a smile with u. They have learnt a to live in hardships and accepted it with grace and still remain HAPPY.
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